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Oh Won Bin teared as he says goodbye during last appearance as FT Island

Oh Won Bin, who left the group FT Island last month, had his last appearance on stage as part of FT Island for the last time.

FT Island had their ‘FT Island Mini Live & Fan meeting 2009 - The One’ in Tokyo Shinagawa Hotel on the 10th.

The members had a mini live performances of 7 songs including ‘Soyogi’. And member Choi Min Hwan who is in the midst of filming a drama couldn’t be present but he sent his encouragements through a video recording.

And maknae Lee Jae Jin had spoken in Japanese on behalf of Oh Won Bin, “Oh Won Bin has decided to left our team after our Busan concert. We have a new member and we are in the midst of working on a new album.”

“With whatever road that WonBin will choose ahead, and also FT Island moving ahead with our new member - we hope that everyone will continue to support WonBin and FT Island.”

And Oh WonBin did a solo stage on the song ‘A Song For You’.

After the song ended, WonBin had kept his head low and encouragements like ‘Don’t cry’ and ‘Hwaiting WonBin’ can be heard from fans. Some of the fans had also teared at the scene.

Oh WonBin said, “I’m so sorry. I am so sorry for not being able to be with my FT Island members and with you fans.”

“But today, I had wanted to see you ‘Primadonna’ so I came to Japan with FT Island. This is my decision after I had thought through a lot and after having to talked through it with other members. There has been rumours that my relationship with the new member being on bad terms, but they are not true.”

Hardly trying to talk through his tears, Oh WonBin said, “Lastly, I want to perform a song that I really like.” And he performed ‘Ma Joong’ from FT Island’s debut album ‘Cheerful Sensibility’. After which, the other members had also went on to the stage and they performed ‘The One’.

Leader Choi Jung Hoon was also caught tearing during the fan meeting.

Meanwhile, FT Island will release a new minialbum ‘Jump Up’.

Credits: Sookyeong


beneran ya si junki mo keluar kota??
yah susah donk kalo mo ktemu lagi dasar bahleul --"
untung gw ama stivi blom sempet ke hotelnya tadi sore, soalnya dy kan uda check out..

aigoo~ junki ni ah! bikin pusing aje!

Junki Cyworld Update 090211

well i know it's kinda late to post this but..still wanna share this with u.
credits are listed below :)

Thank You.
2009.02.11 - 00:35 p.m.


Our families’ hearts are always so warm.
Please be with me to take part in care.
Only short time but it gathered a great love.
Moreover, without scantiness of help, we will create a good environment.

Because of gathering much great loves, I will spread the great love and have power to come back.
I think that there’s so many changes for self in a week

Thank you so much.
I’ll have a good trip ^^ v

Korean to English Translations by: iukoiu of Lee Jun-ki Crunchyroll Fan Group
Lee Jun-ki Crunchyroll Fan Group

abis "berburu" Junki..... xD

wah gw baru pulang ni dari "berburu" junki.... xD
mau bercerita sedikit..

setelah menunggu2 dari hari kamis akhirnya tadi siang gw dateng ke tempat syutingnya junki yang di tanah merah itu..
ya ampon jalannya susah dh, kecil banget gt (gw pake mobil si)..
kan emang daerah perkampungan gt kan..
pas nyampe sana, cuma bisa liat junki bentarrr soalnya dia lagi makan siang di salah satu rumah..
ud aj sambil nunggu gw nanya2 ama orang2 dsitu bs ga klo mo minta tanda tangan..
ehh katanya boro2 tanda tangan,
klo keliatan angkat kamera ato deket2 ama junki langsung diplototin gt..
yh kaga jd dh akhirnya, ya uda ga lama akhirnya gw pulang aj dh xD

btw ada yg tau hotelnya ga si?
emangnya marriot yh?
temennya temen gw ada tu yang samperin ke hotelnya trus minta tanda tangan langsung sama junki!!
tapi dia ga mo ngasi tau dimana hotelnya..
kabar2in donk yh klo tau hho! :)

Lee Jun Ki "Overseas Volunteer" Popularity Sensation


Hallyu star Lee Jun Ki realized how famous he was when he arrived in Indonesia.

The actor, along with Kim Ha Neul came to Jakarta on 11th to participate in the tvN project called World Special LOVE.
From the airport to the agency, everywhere he goes, the fans gather. Jun Ki's representative said that they were surprised with the fans' warm support, because they didn't reveal the fixed schedule so they didn't expect this much of a support.

Jun Ki would go to a place called 'Red Land' where 150 families live, and the population of 480.
The two actors will spend time with the people and do public service in this region.

Jun Ki takes pictures for profiling the children while asking for their names, age, gender, and any hope in particular.

Jun Ki's fans in Korea joined him by donating for the children, too. T-shirts, socks and stationary were given and shared among the children of Red Land. The donation will be for the school's sport utility.

Before leaving Korea he wrote a thank you note to his fans "there's only thankful feeling for those who help donating and in the future I will think of all the love we share to whip myself (through the career)."

Meanwhile, Jun Ki's drama "Iljimae" is on air in Indonesia right now, and also will be airing in Japan, Tokyo TV.

Source & credits to: gonews
Korean to English Translations by: CheonHye of Lee Jun-ki Crunchyroll Fan Group
Lee Jun-ki Crunchyroll Fan Group

Lee Jun Ki and fans take part in Jakarta charity.

TV drama actor Lee Jun Ki (27) and his fans took part in a charity, creating warm feelings of the heart.

On 11 February, Lee Jun Ki left with a charitable organisation bound for a Jakarta’s poor village, to participate in a week’s long charity activities. When his fans found out about his mission, they donated 50 million won to help. Before his departure, upon discovering his fans’ deeds, he was shocked. Through his management company, he wanted the list of names of the donors, but found out that they were anonymous.

Lee Jun Ki and his fans’ involvement in charity projects are well-known. Last year while filming drama “Iljimae”, an earthquake ocurred in Sichuan province, China. In order to help the devastated families, each person gave 1000 won.

Especially in 2007, his Singapore fans from the fanclub also made a donation to Children’s Cancer Fund in his name. Also fans from 3 Chinese countries also donated to Orbis, well-known volunteer fund.

Source of news :

Translated from Korean to Chinese by
Translated from Chinese to English by Wendy

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lee Jun Ki & Kim Ha Neul Coming To Jakarta 11-17 Feb 2009

well dari kmaren2 uda mo ngepost ni berita, tapi baru skarang ktemu yang translateannya bagus :D

Two famous Korean entertainment artists Kim Ha Neul and Lee Jun Ki will go to Jakarta, Indonesia for presentation to the children in TVN's charity program "Love and Hope".


Beginning in 2008, this program have famous stars such as Shin Hyun Joon, Beom Ryu Shi, Lee Ji Ah involved, to visit children in remote areas deep in Asian countries. Actress Lee Yo Won already provided by this program to go to Vietnam, made from natural in Ha Long Bay.


Kim Ha Neul and Lee Jun Ki will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other in a meaningful process, present in person and play with children in Indonesia. This program will air on TVN on March 3rd.

setelah tiga tahun gw ngefans gila ama junki, akhirnya ada ksempatan bwt ktemu juga!!!!!!!!!!
sial gw ga bisa jemput ke airport, lagian kemaleman juga si masa jam stenga 9 baru landing psawatnye --" mana schedulenya ga kluar2 lagi AARGHH! pokonya harus bisa ktemu dia. harus. harus. harus. GILA junki, junki, mo dateng kok mendadak gini sih, sms gw dulu donk ah xD